Volkswagen Polo Rocking Away

2 Dec

Volkswagen new subcompact model - Polo


PETALING JAYA – Volkswagen, one of the leading brands in the automotive industry, has come out with a new subcompact model – Polo. After Europe, Polo finally reached Malaysia. In conjunction with the launching of Polo, Volkswagen held a massive talent show called the Polo Rocks Rock Concert at The Curve, Damansara.

The grand finale took place under a rainy night sky. However, the passion of the supporters was not affected by the drizzling rain. Supporters scream at the top of their lungs to show a hundred percent support towards their favorite band. Everyone had an exciting and fun night ‘rocking’ away.

The Reckless rocks out!

Polo Rocks is not only a rock concert, but also a medium for amateur rock bands to introduce their song pieces to the public. Prizes for this event amounts up to RM200,000. After an intense battle among the 10 finalists, the crowd’s favourite rock band, Reckless emerged as champions, bagging the grand prize of Polo Rocks – a brand new Volkwagen Polo car, a chance to record a 12 track album in a professional studio, and last but not least musical instruments worth up to RM5000.

Reckless is a rock band full of enthusiasm towards rock music. Their band consists of:

  • Kavinash Gopal a.k.a Ka-V G (Vocalist)
  • Devaraj Landon, Barker (Percussionist)
  • Julio Micheal Mckagen Singho (Bass + Vocalist)
  • Ethan Ray Hudson Singho (Guitarist + Vocalist)

Reckless: winning the chance to record a 12 track album is the most wonderful thing in the world

Reckless and their grand prize

“Reckless” mentioned that to them, winning the chance to record a 12 track album is the most wonderful thing in the world. They have been longing for an album of their own, and getting this prize is the motivation for them to continue their passion in music making.

  • Grand Prize: Reckless (Break it down)
  • 1st Runner-up: Once Upon A Time There was a Sausage named Bob (This is the part)
  • 2nd Runner-up: Juanophobia (Can’t take my eyes of you)

The remaining finalists were also given cash prize worth RM1000, as an incentive to encourage these young and energetic people to continue their enthusiasm towards music.

Kylie and Johnny G co-host the event

Contestants were evaluated based on 60% given by judges, 20% based on Facebook votes and 20% based on their popularity among the crowd during their performance.

Local artists also showed their support for this event. Guest artists present were Bittersweet, BO, Liyana Fizi, Arabyrd and Atilia. Their presence warmed up the crowd, even leaving them dancing along to their performance.


Amy Wang’s 2nd EP Autograph Session Promotion Tour

2 Dec


KUALA LUMPUR Amy Wang released her second EP, Womanism, and held her first autograph session promotion tour at Sungei Wang Plaza yesterday.

Amy has been preparing her second EP for nearly a year. She also wrote the lyrics for her album. It contains of stories and experiences from Amy, as she wants to tell her fans that females can also be more independent, strong and confident.

Amy’s New Outstanding Appearance

Amy Wang’s new appearance and style for her new EP is outstanding and totally different compared to before. She denied when the host asked if she was being forced to change her appearance. Amy commented that she had wanted to change for a long time and finally she had the chance. She likes her current appearance very much and thanked her fashion coordinator.

Amy Wang & Adrian Tan duet and Game Time

During the fan meet, Amy Wang had posters give-away to promote her new song, Womanism.. She also put up a live performance by singing Womanism and Douber Bed. Adrian Tan appeared as the star guest.  Together they brought out a wonderful duet called Baby.

Amy and Adrian had a great time with fans playing interactive games. Contestants were chosen among the audiences to play a game called Catwalk.  This game only had one rule, which is to catwalk on the stage. At the end of the game, a girl stood out and won a goody bag from Amy.

Support Local Music

The fan meet ended with an autograph session. Both Amy and Adrian autographed their fans’ posters and EP.  They even took photographs with their fans. At the end of the promotion tour, Amy Wang strongly encouraged people to support local music.  Her EP is now selling at RM18 each.

Twin disasters Hits Indonesia

2 Dec


INDONESIA – 2010 is definitely not a good year for Indonesia. Tsunami hit the shores of Sumatra, barely a day after Mount Merapi erupted in Central Java.

The volatile volcano erupted several times, leaving the Argomulyo village in Yogyakarta covered in fire and thick ashes. Rescue teams haul away more than 100 bodies and thousands of injured victims. At present, almost 75,000 residents have been evacuated from their homes. 

Map of Indonesia


Meanwhile, almost 800 miles to the west, rescue teams search for survivors of the Tsunami aftermath. A 3 meter high Tsunami swallowed the Mentawai Islands. 113 deaths have been reported, while almost hundreds have gone missing.

Deadly disaster from the center of Earth

Located at the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’, Indonesia is prone to getting quakes, volcanic eruptions and Tsunamis. A 7.7 Magnitude undersea quake has led to the consecutive happenings of the twin disaster.

Surono, volcanologist, commented that by far this eruption has been the biggest coming from Mount Merapi. “The heatclouds went down the slopes as far as 13km, and explosion was heard as far as 20 kilometers away.”

Lightning strikes when Mount Merapi erupts, a view from Mangelang, Central Java Province.

Molten lava flows from the crater of Mouth Merapi, a view from Klaten district, Central Java Province.

As for the Tsunami, Hawaiian oceanographer David Walsh commented, “The center issued a “local tsunami watch” seven minutes after the earthquake occurred.” However, the warning was canceled when they found out that a “destructive widespread threat” did not exist.

Indonesian Government stepping in

Rescue teams have been dispatched to both infected areas in search for survivors. Dead bodies covered in ashes were buried in a mass burial. A representative of the rescue team even commented that they found three bodies – a father, mother and son – lying in a burnt house and suspected they are asleep when the eruption occurred.

Villagers at the grave of mass burial at Sleman,Yogyakarta.

Authorities believe that villagers residing at the shore have been swept into the sea during the Tsunami attack. Regardless, the rescue teams are still in search of both the dead and alive.

International aid for casualties

Up to a million residents have been evacuated and placed in temporary shelters. Refugees of the Mount Merapi disaster have been placed in the Maguwoharjo Stadium, a football stadium situated in the suburbs of Yogyakarta.

22,000 victims ate and slept in the stadium, where instant food, clean water, medical supplies and clothes are readily available. Donations from the globe reached them, in hope to aid them from overcoming the trauma. Kids attended classes as usual, as school damaged in the disaster held classes in stadium.

A woman prays at temporary shelter, Maguwoharjo Stadium, Yogyakarta

News source: BBC News, New York Times; Image source: The Big Picture

Overweight and Obesity in Malaysia

2 Dec


MALAYSIA – Have you noticed that when you are in a public area, you see at least one person who is either overweight or obese? Overweight and obesity is becoming more serious nowadays among Malaysians regardless of gender, age and race.

A new trend

The National Health and Morbidity Survey 1996 reported that among adult males, 15.1% were overweight and 2.9% obese. Report also shows that obese Malays and Indians are more compared to Chinese.

In addition, Minister of Health Department, Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek announced a research last year, which results show 17 overweight people in every 100. Research has also proven than female adult are more prone to be overweight compared to male. Regardless, if this problem is taken lightly, it will cause the increase of diseases.

Related Diseases

1. Stroke

A person who is overweight or obese has high potential in getting a stroke. Excess fats stored under the epidermis can block the blood from flowing, causing the stopping of blood flow to the brain. Brain cells begin to die and this is when stroke happens.

There are 2 main types of stroke:

  • Ischemic stroke – caused by a blockage that blocks a blood vessel in the brain
  • Hemorrhagic stroke – caused by a blood vessel breaking and bleeding inside the brain

Overweight or obese people are prone to contract Ischemic stroke. Biologically, the fats in our body are transformed into fatty deposits in blood vessels. These deposits are also known as plaques. Plaques block the blood vessel partially and this forms a blood clot. The blood clots can further block the artery which will delay or even hinder the blood from flowing back to the brain. This is when stroke happens. A person who suffers from stroke has difficulties in speech, as well as the difficulty in controlling some body parts.

2. High blood pressure

Being overweight and obese also induces an extremely high secretion of insulin to decrease the excessive sugar in blood.

This causes the thickening of vessels which increases the blood pressure. As a result, we see an increase in the cardiac output, generating a rise in the blood pressure.

3. Diabetes

There are 2 types of diabetes:

  • Type 1 diabetes – results in the body’s inability to produce insulin. Type 1 patients require insulin injections.
  • Type 2 diabetes – the body cells fail to use the insulin properly

A person who is overweight or obese faces a high possibility of contracting Type 2 diabetes. This disease requires constant medication. An obese person induces high insulin secretion, causing failure of body cells using the insulin properly. As a result, high insulin level in blood causes Type 2 diabetes.

Suggestions on preventing diseases

  • Keep your diet balanced
  • Exercise more
  • Avoid unhealthy lifestyle
  • Quit smoking and drinking

Smokers immune to cigarette price hike

30 Nov


KUALA LUMPUR – The highest record of cigarette price hike in the country would burn a hole in smokers’ pocket.  National Kenaf and Tobacco Board (LKTN) announced that the price hike will be effective starting today.

Increase price to reduce smokers

It is believed that the British American Tobacco (BAT) had received letters last Saturday that a pack of 20’s would now cost RM10. It is also predicted that the price hike might affect the overall cigarette sales.

BAT claimed that the price hike will increase the illicit cigarettes in market. They are also aware that there will be more campaign by government to discourage potential smokers.

Government takes precautious to reduce smokers

Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai commented that the price hike will subsequently help to decrease the numbers of smokers in Malaysia. He added that the government had also set up clinics to help smokers quit smoking as tobacco is the number one killer in the country.

Studies had also proven that by increasing the tax of the cigarette, it becomes a burden to children, teenagers and lower income family as their income may not allow them to do so. Similarly, a smoker would reduce a pack per day not because of price hike but for health concerns.

However, Nazri, a smoker for more than 10 years denied the statement. “Smoking has already become a habit. Once you start, it is hard to stop,” he said. However, he also commented that there is a cheaper way to smoke, which is by smoking do-it-yourself cigarettes with tobacco.

Health is important

“It is rather a two ways factor,” commented Lim, another heavy smoker. “When price increased, I will not stop smoking but I will reduce my smoking pattern because I came upon realization that my health is very important.”

Acid attack victim appeals for fund

30 Nov

Asri:Before and after attack


AMPANG – Asri Abdullah, a 42-year-old former factory worker from Seberang Perai seeks financial help from the public to pay for his tissue expansion operation after an acid attack.

Attacked by own brother

The attack took place on December 22 last year, when the victim returned to his house. He wanted to get the grant of his late father’s car but his family refused to let him enter the house. When he looked through the window, his own brother splashed corrosive fluid on him. Immediately he felt his body was burning and he can’t see anything.

No help from mother and siblings

Asri lost sight in both eyes

Although he shouted for help, his family inside the house refused to help him. He was then sent to Hospital Seberang Perai by his aunt who lived nearby. It was learnt that both Asri’s brother and mother were detained for one week after the attack and had been released.

The attack disfigured Asri’s face, causing him difficulties in breathing and eating, as well as lost of sight.

Asri says, he holds no grudges on what his family did to him. However, he feels really sad that his family never calls in concern, or even explaining their actions. He attempted to call for few times but his family hung up immediately when they heard his voice.

MCA Public Service and Complaints Bureau and UMNO Youth together helping Asri


RM 160 thousand needed for operation

Asri has been jobless for almost a year after the attack because of his injuries. He approaches MCA Public Complaints Bureau Chief Datuk Michael Chong for help yesterday. A total of RM 9000 has been received at the time, including RM2000 from Datuk Michael Chong, RM 2000 from UMNO Youth Leader Datuk Mohd Khairun Aseh and RM5000 from Datuk Yap Kin San.

Chong has also set up a committee to raise funds for Asri. Public who wish to make donation can mail the cheque to MCA Public Services Dept, Wisma MCA, Tingkat 7, 163 Jln Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. Please address “Asri bin Abdullah” at the back of the cheque.