Acid attack victim appeals for fund

30 Nov

Asri:Before and after attack


AMPANG – Asri Abdullah, a 42-year-old former factory worker from Seberang Perai seeks financial help from the public to pay for his tissue expansion operation after an acid attack.

Attacked by own brother

The attack took place on December 22 last year, when the victim returned to his house. He wanted to get the grant of his late father’s car but his family refused to let him enter the house. When he looked through the window, his own brother splashed corrosive fluid on him. Immediately he felt his body was burning and he can’t see anything.

No help from mother and siblings

Asri lost sight in both eyes

Although he shouted for help, his family inside the house refused to help him. He was then sent to Hospital Seberang Perai by his aunt who lived nearby. It was learnt that both Asri’s brother and mother were detained for one week after the attack and had been released.

The attack disfigured Asri’s face, causing him difficulties in breathing and eating, as well as lost of sight.

Asri says, he holds no grudges on what his family did to him. However, he feels really sad that his family never calls in concern, or even explaining their actions. He attempted to call for few times but his family hung up immediately when they heard his voice.

MCA Public Service and Complaints Bureau and UMNO Youth together helping Asri


RM 160 thousand needed for operation

Asri has been jobless for almost a year after the attack because of his injuries. He approaches MCA Public Complaints Bureau Chief Datuk Michael Chong for help yesterday. A total of RM 9000 has been received at the time, including RM2000 from Datuk Michael Chong, RM 2000 from UMNO Youth Leader Datuk Mohd Khairun Aseh and RM5000 from Datuk Yap Kin San.

Chong has also set up a committee to raise funds for Asri. Public who wish to make donation can mail the cheque to MCA Public Services Dept, Wisma MCA, Tingkat 7, 163 Jln Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. Please address “Asri bin Abdullah” at the back of the cheque.


One Response to “Acid attack victim appeals for fund”

  1. hungShen November 30, 2010 at 12:51 pm #

    This is so cruel! I hope public will help him up..

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