Amy Wang’s 2nd EP Autograph Session Promotion Tour

2 Dec


KUALA LUMPUR Amy Wang released her second EP, Womanism, and held her first autograph session promotion tour at Sungei Wang Plaza yesterday.

Amy has been preparing her second EP for nearly a year. She also wrote the lyrics for her album. It contains of stories and experiences from Amy, as she wants to tell her fans that females can also be more independent, strong and confident.

Amy’s New Outstanding Appearance

Amy Wang’s new appearance and style for her new EP is outstanding and totally different compared to before. She denied when the host asked if she was being forced to change her appearance. Amy commented that she had wanted to change for a long time and finally she had the chance. She likes her current appearance very much and thanked her fashion coordinator.

Amy Wang & Adrian Tan duet and Game Time

During the fan meet, Amy Wang had posters give-away to promote her new song, Womanism.. She also put up a live performance by singing Womanism and Douber Bed. Adrian Tan appeared as the star guest.  Together they brought out a wonderful duet called Baby.

Amy and Adrian had a great time with fans playing interactive games. Contestants were chosen among the audiences to play a game called Catwalk.  This game only had one rule, which is to catwalk on the stage. At the end of the game, a girl stood out and won a goody bag from Amy.

Support Local Music

The fan meet ended with an autograph session. Both Amy and Adrian autographed their fans’ posters and EP.  They even took photographs with their fans. At the end of the promotion tour, Amy Wang strongly encouraged people to support local music.  Her EP is now selling at RM18 each.


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