Volkswagen Polo Rocking Away

2 Dec

Volkswagen new subcompact model - Polo


PETALING JAYA – Volkswagen, one of the leading brands in the automotive industry, has come out with a new subcompact model – Polo. After Europe, Polo finally reached Malaysia. In conjunction with the launching of Polo, Volkswagen held a massive talent show called the Polo Rocks Rock Concert at The Curve, Damansara.

The grand finale took place under a rainy night sky. However, the passion of the supporters was not affected by the drizzling rain. Supporters scream at the top of their lungs to show a hundred percent support towards their favorite band. Everyone had an exciting and fun night ‘rocking’ away.

The Reckless rocks out!

Polo Rocks is not only a rock concert, but also a medium for amateur rock bands to introduce their song pieces to the public. Prizes for this event amounts up to RM200,000. After an intense battle among the 10 finalists, the crowd’s favourite rock band, Reckless emerged as champions, bagging the grand prize of Polo Rocks – a brand new Volkwagen Polo car, a chance to record a 12 track album in a professional studio, and last but not least musical instruments worth up to RM5000.

Reckless is a rock band full of enthusiasm towards rock music. Their band consists of:

  • Kavinash Gopal a.k.a Ka-V G (Vocalist)
  • Devaraj Landon, Barker (Percussionist)
  • Julio Micheal Mckagen Singho (Bass + Vocalist)
  • Ethan Ray Hudson Singho (Guitarist + Vocalist)

Reckless: winning the chance to record a 12 track album is the most wonderful thing in the world

Reckless and their grand prize

“Reckless” mentioned that to them, winning the chance to record a 12 track album is the most wonderful thing in the world. They have been longing for an album of their own, and getting this prize is the motivation for them to continue their passion in music making.

  • Grand Prize: Reckless (Break it down)
  • 1st Runner-up: Once Upon A Time There was a Sausage named Bob (This is the part)
  • 2nd Runner-up: Juanophobia (Can’t take my eyes of you)

The remaining finalists were also given cash prize worth RM1000, as an incentive to encourage these young and energetic people to continue their enthusiasm towards music.

Kylie and Johnny G co-host the event

Contestants were evaluated based on 60% given by judges, 20% based on Facebook votes and 20% based on their popularity among the crowd during their performance.

Local artists also showed their support for this event. Guest artists present were Bittersweet, BO, Liyana Fizi, Arabyrd and Atilia. Their presence warmed up the crowd, even leaving them dancing along to their performance.


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